Welcome to my homepage!

Something in before: Since the available space for a web presentation on the www-server of T-Online is limited to 10 MBytes, the complete homepage can only be found at fortunecity - but with commercials that occur in pop-up windows. On T-Online, you will find a version without commercials, but some links will result in a "document not found" error.

I have now an own (payed) homepage at the german provider strato, named


I just tried a little bit with Microsoft Frontpage, because my old homepage has become too aged (it took some 2 years bevor I decided to start something completely new - somehow all the pictures have to be shown).

In the meantime I have also started to change the layout of the homepage to frames (it is a lot of work, since one web page suddenly gets broken into three or four).

There exists a minimal version of my homepage for browsers that do not understand frames .

Last modified: Aug-11